1989 100... power steering rack replacement

Michael Murphy mjmjr at optonline.net
Sat Jul 14 07:48:08 EDT 2001

Ah, the joys of a newbie...

The good news is you found this list, the bad news is you (unknowingly) pulled a 
"ready, fire, aim" by adding PS fluid to a system that needs a different type of 
hydraulic fluid.  Even though the fluid container was dry, chances are there was
fluid in the system (God knows what type though).

In conjuction with a rack R&R, you will have to evacuate the ps fluid from 
components and hoses in the system and refill w/? litres of Audi G 002 000 hydraulic
fluid or equiv. - I use Febi hydraulic fluid in my 89 100 w/no problem in 6 years.
Mike Murphy

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