1989 100... power steering rack replacement

Andy Goldberg andynyc at spacelab.net
Sat Jul 14 21:18:35 EDT 2001

I understand what you're saying, I can see that point of view, and so I
wasn't all that surprised when my mechanic refused to do the work on the
Jorgen rack.  My backup guy, who is also pretty good, estimated $800 for the
whole job, however, so it appears he's going to use a non-Audi part.  He's
happy, I'm happy.

andynyc at spacelab.net

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> I'm not going to scold you about the regular ps fluid, you'll get enough
> that elsewhere.
> If you decide to buy the rack being recomended to you by the other
> better see how happy your mechanic is about putting it in.  I don't
> customer parts unless they include a BJ. (sorry guys, your just out of
> If I ever do for some reason, the rack is guarnteed to be in the
> car.(Barring you buying the wrong one)  If it never works, tough, and you
> can pay me twice to put another in.  I don't intend to sound like an ass,
> but your in effect taking food out of my kids mouth when you bring a part
> me, and asking me to put my reputation and warranty behind it.
> If your mechanic will do it, fantastic!  Get the rack yourself and save
> beans.  Do him a favor and have new outer tie rod ends with it.(yours may
> stuck, and it will save time in getting new ones) Ask if there are any
> things he will need to know about the rack/wants included with it.  Don't
> leave the car in his shop for a week while you wait for UPS, get it
> as fast as you can.  And last, take a 12 pack of his favorite brew when
> pick your car up.
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