parts markup (LAC)

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Jul 16 02:27:26 EDT 2001

> I would much rather pay a higher rate for the labor than have it hidden in
> part cost. Then I can shop for each separately and choose what compromises
> or excesses to make/spend.

One clear justification for a repair shop to mark parts up is that the
customer expects them to stand behind them and replace them for free if
there are any failures.

if you buy a part and bring it in, it could be wrong - they have wasted
time, scheduled a slot, etc.

if it breaks, you are responsible, including all the labor to swap it.

if you forget a minor sub part, same as first point.

if they buy the parts, they are taking some responsibility for the part
itself as well.

The main thing, is to ask very nicely first if they mind and what might
be different about the terms (labor rate, warranty on work, etc.) and
make sure you have the part *before* making the appointment to get it

Huw Powell

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