Audifans Knowledgebase Debut

Mark L. Chang mchang at
Mon Jul 16 12:52:52 EDT 2001

Well, that's definitely a viewpoint. If it gets too hairy, well, one
option is to appoint the moderators to be responsible for adding stuff to
sections that the list sees fit.


On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Jouko Haapanen wrote:

> Holy crap - Either I'm too old, or just dumb - but that looks
> intimidating.  It's been a long time since those fortran classes at
> university (that's what came to mind first, don't know why).  Maybe
> we'll figure this out and make it useful.
> At least it will give me something to do during the next two weeks of
> holiday with the kids at the grandparents and the wife at work...


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