GET FUCHED!! (Fuchs Alloys for sale! ;<)

JordanVw at JordanVw at
Mon Jul 16 20:52:37 EDT 2001

for sale:
set of 4 Fuchs alloys in excellent (no curbing!!) cond, with Bridgestone 
Potenza RE930's w/ 205/60/15's from a '87 5kTQ but fit all 5 lug 
audis...UrQ's, type44 turbos, quattros, C4's, etc, etc..these are super 
strong, forged, not cast.  5x112  et45 15"x7 (i think - either 7 or 7.5) 
definately not 6..
Zermatt silver w/ polished raised parts.  with correct centercaps.  these are 
the best Fuch's ive ever had, totally straight rims.. im tempted to keep 
them, but...  
let me know.  i can ship, but buyer pays for tire dismount. $500 for all 4 
wheels, caps, and tires.

also, the car (it was a shame, it WAS a pretty car) has the black/grey 
leather sport int.  drivers seat has the rear seatbottom split.  any interest 
in this? 

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