'93 90 w/cracked mirror

Robert Stirrat Robert_Stirrat at DMCWave.com
Tue Jul 17 01:10:06 EDT 2001

Hi Diana,
         I can sort of answer this question for you.  I recently reversed my
car out of a very tight garage space only to clip the left hand mirror.
Fortunately the glass was intact after this, but I noticed that the mirror
assembly had rotated slightly up to absorb some of the shock.

The little frame that surrounds the mirror had poppd free a little bit too.
Fortunately this just clipped back into place and I rotated the mirror assy
back in position.

Now heres what you need to know, I think you could either gently lever the
surrounding frame out with a flat blade screw driver to reveal the mirror
lens and figure how to disconnect this.
 If your mirror are colour coded this is your best option although you must
take extra care with the screwdriver.

If you don't have colour coded door mirrors you can rotate the mirror
assembly 90 degrees to reveal two screws which mount it to the door. Unscrew
these and disconnect the wiring. 
Fitting is the reverse of removal as they say.

Hope this is some help to you.

Robert Stirrat  '92 80 2.0

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I know this is a silly thing to worry about and the Audi gods are going
to punish me for being so vane, but the passenger side mirror on my 1993
Audi 90 Q is cracked and it's driving me nuts!  There's a wrecking yard
with at least two '93 90s but I'm wondering how to get the mirror out
and how hard it is to replace.  Anyone with advice?


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