Attn PA listers.....

Richard Beels beels at
Tue Jul 17 12:37:15 EDT 2001

On my way to a client today, I saw someone pulled over on the turnpike and 
the trooper's car had new lights on top.  Rather than the prominent, 
sticking way out on top and easily seen in your mirrors "bubble-gum" 
style,  they are a very slim, pod-like set of lights: one for the front and 
one for the rear (imagine a rally car's light pod slimmed down with 3" high 
bulbs), attached at the roof-glass interface.

At the client's, there was, coincidentally, a trooper there doing something 
and I asked him about the new lights.  He said  "Yeah, they're cool, aren't 
they?", smirked that "Now, you won't even be able to see the marked cars 
coming." and that they're retrofitting all the marked cars with the new 


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