2.3L NG conversion in my 84 4KQ

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at arinc.com
Tue Jul 17 17:52:37 EDT 2001

Fellow Quattro Swapaholics,

Regarding the below, I beg to differ that it made little difference swapping
in the NG head and CISEIII components.  That is really what gives you the
extra power, or so as I understand.  You may have gained a tad with the
extra .1 litre, and the porting and the cam, surely helped.  Exhaust also?
If you decked the head, the higher compression would also be helping.  All
of these incremental gains, plus the fact it is refreshed has surely given
the car a rejuvinated feel.  

I certainly don't want to rain on the parade, as what you did was good.
Indeed, I have had notable gains in the first iteration of upgrades to
4000Q#1: 264 cam, new lifters, Stebro exhaust, advanced timing - all good
quick upgrades that I did to tide me over while I got around to prepping the

On 4000Q#2 I am doing the entire conversion, and am putting a lot of extra
time up front porting and polishing the head and matching the manifolds, 272
CAM, new lifters, autotech springs.  Ultimately this will be coupled to
Stebro exhaust, and the lighter 200Q flywheel assembly.

It surely would have been a simple matter to install the extra 2.3l bottom
end I have (refreshed of course) to the existing head and be done with it.
Otherwise, I have been wasting my time.

I just felt I had to comment as I can't wait to get around to my own engine
swapping parties.


'85 4Kcsq(s) - Project(s) GTQ - more pics coming:
'87 5kcstqw

p.s. Have the extra 2.3 bottom end and complete 2.2 engine if anyone wants

[[> Hey Listers!
> Last weekend was a glorious weekend for my 1986 4KQ!  Friday night my
brother, Javad (80tq.com), and I set out to drop in a 2.3L NG bottom end
with my 4KQ ported head and a 270degree cam shaft in my tired old Audi.
After a few trips back and forth to our local hardware store, we pulled out
the old 2.2L and carefully dropped in the beautiful new engine.  The engine
had come off Javad's 80 with 80,000 miles on it, so we replaced the seals,
lifters, valve springs, and gaskets.  I just wanted to drop you all a quick
email telling you how cool of an experience it was and what a great feel the
car has after the swap.  Thanks to Huw's and many other lister's websites
that showed us great pointers and tips.  And if you ever see a loud, bright
red Audi putting around in the Bay Area, feel free to throw a hand and wave!
> Peymon
> 1986 4KQ 2.3L 

>BTW-we only swapped in the bottom end, but left the JT >inductions system
as is, the best way to do it I 
>belive, no real advantage to swapping in all the NG 
>head stuff too.

[Its an '86 BTW bro!

Yup, it was a good swap and a good time, a 2 day engine conversion
hurricane!  Thank God for the pizza and lemonade that nourished us!  BTW-we
only swapped in the bottom end, but left the JT inductions system as is, the
best way to do it I belive, no real advantage to swapping in all the NG head
stuff too.

For others who  are also considering this swap, a few pointers to make it
easier for now, and the future:

-Pull the battery tray and move the battery to the trunk, makes accessing
the downpipe, tranny bolts, and even CIS airbox much easier.
-We cut out the upper support, but left the lower support intact, the engine
easily raises out the top with the lower core suppport in place.  I modifed
the cut out piece to neatly, and strongly bolt back into place, maybe Peymon
will take some pics??

-We pulled the AC, raised the front of the car over 1" so now we will put in
coilovers to even things out.  You may NEED the AC in other climates, but in
Ca its not too bad, and its a pleasure to work on the car without
condensors, compressors, and lines getting in the way.


The NG has the bigger intake valves 40mm vs. 38. Is the JT head good enough?
I am thinking of swapping a 2.3 into my sisters car but still deciding
between the whole thing w/ CIS-EIII or just the short or long block. Anybody
with any comments?

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