'93 90 w/cracked mirror

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed Jul 18 03:39:48 EDT 2001

> I know this is a silly thing to worry about and the Audi gods are going
> to punish me for being so vane, but the passenger side mirror on my 1993
> Audi 90 Q is cracked and it's driving me nuts!  There's a wrecking yard
> with at least two '93 90s but I'm wondering how to get the mirror out
> and how hard it is to replace.  Anyone with advice?

if it like the slightly earlier, type 89 90's, you gently pry off the
trim piece that is around the glass part (did they paint these body
color too?  or are they all black?) and then from what I recall it is
pretty obvious what to do next.

maybe I should go look at one and describe what i thought was
"obvious"... oh, ok, you just pry it out and it pops out.  There is a
plastic circle with several little catch tabs.  old one pops out, new
one pops in.  may not even have to remove that trim piece.

by the way, you probably don;t need it, but the dealers can get the
glass part.

the left and right are interchangeable, so if you don;t like the convex
(objects are smaller) glass, get a drivers side mirror to replace it.

Huw Powell



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