Strange test drive

Noelle Beaudin nobeau at
Wed Jul 18 07:37:39 EDT 2001


Kent wrote:
> Stranger still, when I was picking up my '89 200TQ with
> it's new/used oil cooler, lines, and starter, there was
> a bright blue Subie WRX parked out front, and there were
> some people looking at the '91 200 Avant that is for sale.

That's me!  Or at least I hope it was ;-)  The guy that was with me is
Dan, my husband, and the guy with ginger hair is Dave who used to own that
200 20v.

> I followed them out the back exit.

You is sneaky.

> So, is it a done deal, or was that just another test drive?

It is now a done deal.  I now own a 200 20v and I gave my husband the WRX.
Dan (husband) now owns the Japanese collection - a '92 Mitsubishi Eclipse
GSX and the WRX.  I've got the Audis.  Tonight we go to Epping to do 1/4

But it is stil not performing its best for what it is supposed to be.  We
are going to check it over this weekend and then I'll probably bring it back
to Brian.

'89 500cstq
'91 2c20vtq

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