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Wed Jul 18 17:41:43 EDT 2001

> the "...ZZZ..." number is the euro (vin) number.
> the differing digits are used in north america only (as far as i 

I think it's more of a production vin#.  If the carcass has to be
transported between two assembly points there is no way for the
manufacturer to know the final configuration (at least there wasn't
10+years ago) so they use the Z as a to be filled in blank.  My '84 5KS
was a 100% US model from day one an it has the "ZZZ" vin stamp on the
firewall, as do many other type 44's I've seen with firewall stamping.

On the V8Q list we tried to get an idea of production dates based on
Vins....since the complete Vin was stamped (since there was only one US
configuration for the flagship) later sequential Vins are present on cars
with earlier build dates than earlier sequential vins.

The only number that counts is the door jamb sticker, or the windscreen
Vin (if so equipped.)  I think they used the "Z" instead of the "X"
because an X stamped component usually means it's defective or unusable. 
Maybe that's why those cross slots on the hydraulic pumps look so much
like X' type 44 owners know what I'm talking about.....

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