Car VIN help!

frank j. bauer frankbauer at
Wed Jul 18 15:12:51 EDT 2001

At 04:41 PM 7/18/01 -0400, cobram at wrote:
>> the "...ZZZ..." number is the euro (vin) number.
>> the differing digits are used in north america only (as far as i 
>I think it's more of a production vin#.  If the carcass has to be
>transported between two assembly points there is no way for the
>manufacturer to know the final configuration (at least there wasn't
>10+years ago) so they use the Z as a to be filled in blank.  My '84 5KS
>was a 100% US model from day one an it has the "ZZZ" vin stamp on the
>firewall, as do many other type 44's I've seen with firewall stamping.
>The only number that counts is the door jamb sticker, or the windscreen
>Vin (if so equipped.) 

the doorjamb and window stickers are only present on north american models
and are the only stickers that use the north american codes in place of the
ask phil or jouko to read the vin from their windshield or doorjamb and you
will get a confused look.
give your "Z" vin to anyone associated with aoa and they'll pretend not to
know what you are talking about.
try giving your insurance agent your "Z" number and see if he'll quote a
rate for you...


ps - my grey market 86 200q avant has no windshield vin.
the doorjamb vin sticker was obviously added by the importer - the name and
address of which are also on it.
"Z"'s everywhere you look...

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