dealer ethics, was re: new A4 w. cc damage

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Thu Jul 19 00:09:41 EDT 2001

A shining example of why, even though our showroom only has room for 5 cars, 
we  keep but 4 in it at one time, and use the extra space to deliver every 
car from the showroom floor.  It makes the buying experience that much more 
enjoyable, and when we rip that Audi car cover off the new vehicle, you 
should see the buyer's face light up.  There's simply no room for this kind 
of an incident to occur.
Obviously the "dealer" here isn't very concerned with it's CSI score.  
Otherwise, they'd be doing whatever it took to keep the customer happy.  Like 
it or not, Audi is in the big time now, and the high-end customer needs to be 
treated as such.  There are just too many other alternatives for someone to 
drop $30K+ on,( not all as good, but they're out there nonetheless) and it 
doesn't take much to sway someone's opinion, nor give them cause to tell the 
world about it.  We recently had a customer lease an A6 2.8q that died on 
them the day after getting it.  We had their car towed in from the dealer in 
Greensboro after they couldn't find the problem, and we delivered them a 
loaner to drive while the car was fixed.  The Greensboro dealer had also 
given them a loaner, even though they hadn't bought the car there.  The buyer 
finally decided that they didn't want a car with a problem that no one could 
fix (we eventually did trace it after driving around in the car for 3 days 
with the computer hooked to it) so we took it back and gave them another one 
of equal price/configuration.....their car had over 150 miles on it, but 
that's what it took to make them happy.  Their son just bought an A4 from us.

It can be done, and that's why I drive 30 miles past that "local" dealer here 
in Greensboro where I live, to work where I do.

Wylie Bean
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