1993 90 cs

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Thu Jul 19 10:28:02 EDT 2001

Just acquired 1993 Audi 90 CS Automatic.  Way better car than my just sold 2000 VW Golf GLS 4 door.  Please.. any tips or things to look out for?? I gave it an oil change, air filter change, Tranny filter and fluid change, Flushed the cooling system and changed the brake fluid that was once black but is clear again and put the 3 electrode plugs into the car.. Blaupunkt Honolulu CD player with some good Blaupunkt speakers all around..  It's nice and clean.. with nothing to complain about.
     Next step. It has the heater core bypassed.. any tips? It looks like a pain to do.. I dont know where to begin.. It looks as if I need to remove the glove box to say the least.. I live in Sunny Florida so it may not be too much of importance to get it done.. any other info would be greatly appreciated..
     One more thing.. The Airbag light is on..I think the previous owner removed the steering wheel for some reason because it is crooked and the car drives straight.. I am wondering if I should straighten it myself or take it to the dealer..I am worried the airbag may deploy if I mess with it. TIA

Tony Escobedo

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