dealer ethics

George Tur gtur at
Thu Jul 19 10:36:47 EDT 2001

Just wanted to relate a positive experience with a dealer. A little 

over month ago my wife brought the v8 in to an Audi dealership that is 
close to her place of work. The work consisted of trouble shooting the 
cd player, which has gone out again, a wheel alignment, and replacement 
of the head liner fot the sun roof. Well the short story is that after 3 
trips to the dealership where they did not do any of the work, they gave 
us excuses about break downs in their equipment or over bookings, they 
did the cd player troublshooting, and wheel alignment for free, because 
of all the delays we had encountered in the work. Additionally on the 
last trip to the dealer they gave the wife a loaner, previously they had 
driven her to work on a shuttle they have running locally.

The dealership is Princeton Audi, located in Princeton N.J.

George ... thinking that the world has turned upside down.

91 v8

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