was: 2.3L NG conversion in my 84 4KQ (now engine trivia)

Jouko Haapanen joukoh at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 19 11:15:12 EDT 2001

Interestingly enough, the factory official Motorkennbuchstaben (engine
code letters) publication dated 11/2000 lists the RD at 79kW or 107hp,
and the HT at 77kW or 105hp.  These hp figures are DIN figures, so why
the h*ll does one match the US SAE figure and the other doesn't.
Looks like another case of VW giving out approximate/arbitrary power
ratings decided on by marketing or legal departments.  Incidentally,
the RV engine that was in the Jetta (1.8 Digifant) that we had approx.
10yrs ago, was rated at 77kW/105hp by the factory, but I seem to
recall that being marketed as a 100hp engine here in North America.
That in my estimation fits the DIN/SAE difference, but the HT having
the same rating for DIN and SAE seems a little odd.

Here is the necessary Audi content trivia - the HB is the least
powerful Audi engine listed at 37kW/50hp (the book goes back to early
1970's).  It went in a car that only lasted 4 years in the
marketplace, but yet set a trend in the marketplace.  Hmmmm...

The most powerful VW engine in history is the AXJ at 165kW/225hp.

Jouko Haapanen

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> > BTW, the '85 GTi/GLi engines (don't recall the code off hand,
Bentley not
> > here) were the 10:1, knock sensor set up, but with CIS-E not
> > Rated at 100 HP in '85, a different ignition map changed it to 102
HP in
> > '86 (GTi/GLi) through '87 in the GT/GLi. GTi in '88 had the 1.8
> > (123HP), and the Motronic Engines were phased in in '88.
> > LL - NY
> Just because I've got a 8v Gti project here in the works, I checked
on the
> engine codes. The early 8v Gti/Gli were RD code, 9.0:1, 102hp @5250.
> rare 1 yr ('85)HT Gli engine was 10.0:1, and 105hp @ 3000.
> See you at Waterfest perhaps? I'm picking up a car in PA on Sat
night, so
> it'll work well with my travel plans to attend Sunday.
> -Cheers
> -Chris Semple
> Concord NH
> '83 Rabbit Pickup, shop truck
>    '86 Gti, needs cage and driveline

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