The S4 twin turbo is Slow

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jul 19 13:22:31 EDT 2001

> My friend has a WRX and he would have destroyed anyone of those S4s for half
> the price.  All I know is they make a million "S" cars now and they are not
> representing in my opinion. 

I must say I get a chuckle from the language the hip young kids use
these days...

I'd say the 24 hr Lemans wins are "representing" some serious butt
kicking on Audi's part, and make a great poster.  See, they don't *have*
drag racing in Europe, AKAIK.  Racing with turns, both left and right,
seems to have caught on there big time though.  As pointed out, take
those 1/4 mile winners out into any kind of racing that resembles actual
driving and the quattros will shine.

Huw Powell

Representing Lee NH, 3 racetracks within 10 miles (1 nascar, 1 nhra) and
no right turns in the bunch!

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