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You'll note that no pro or amatuer dragsters are awd. Awd is an advantage, 
but not for drag racing. A bit of wheel slip (and a big, mushy tire) are 
great advantages in drag racing.  On snow, a different story.

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>Subject: The S4 twin turbo is Slow
>Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 11:25:59 EDT
>all wheel drive cars are hard to launch???? WHAT. The whole point of 
>is no wheel spin????? That is the big advantage. It is like a cheat.  I am 
>Audi person to the fullest, but I was very dissapointed last night.  I have
>never had a problem launching my quattro.  I would take everyone out in the
>rain so your making excuses for quattro on dry pavement ?
>My friend has a WRX and he would have destroyed anyone of those S4s for 
>the price.  All I know is they make a million "S" cars now and they are not
>representing in my opinion. I only respect the real "S" cars you know the
>ones that only came in stick and were actually rare and limited cars. Audi 
>sold out on the the "S" cars. DId you notice that they made the badges
>different for 2001. They are bigger now so that people can read them. The
>original badges were small and unable to be read unless you were right on
>them. That was for the sleeper factor.
>You can disagree all you want but come on there is a Speed and Horsepower 
>out there. Audi better bring some RS cars over here to kick ass. Cause the
>250 HP is not cutting it. Toyota camarys and Honda accords have 200 HP now.

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