New A4 w/ clearcoat damage

Ti Kan ti at
Thu Jul 19 13:46:55 EDT 2001

Tom Nas writes:
> >A co-worker of mine whose '98 A4 2.8Q is coming off lease just leased a new
> >'01. Its black, so every paint defect is very obvious. When he bought the
> >car, it had spots on all the horizontal surfaces, which the dealer said was
> >sap from sitting near trees
> Don't they cover cars in protective wax pre-deliv in the US? All cars here 
> in Europe are covered in goo which is only washed off when the car gets its 
> PDI...

New cars are delivered with all sorts of protective covering, but this
example may have been a "demo" that already has that stuff taken off
by the dealer, in order to show to customers.

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