project '86 cgt quattro turbo

Tom B dr_hydro at
Thu Jul 19 21:58:30 EDT 2001

Hi All,
I was looking through the local buyers digest and found an ad for 1 86 cgt 
and 1 86 4kq for $200 each. Hmm I thought, lets go take a look. I had been 
talking with a friend of mine about a new project car concept so I swung by 
his house, grabbed him and off we go to take a look....

We bought both of the cars last night and are now planning "project coupe gt 
quattro turbo". We are going to strip the 4kq and and use the 
drivetrain/suspension/brakes off of it to build the coupe into a rally car.

The quattro was hit hard in the front end, but the drive train seems ok. The 
coupe has a blown head gasket, but is otherwise in good condition. Usual 
slight surface rust, but that is all. They seem to be a perfect match for 
each other :-) Throw in a turbo to spice up their union and hmmmmmm, could 
be fun.

So I have a few questions to ask. I have run across a few urls where people 
talk about building a cgt quattro, but cannot find them now. Can any of you 
help me find them?

Also we are trying to decide whether it will be better to cut the floorpan 
out of the quattro and weld it into the coupe, or should we just "customize" 
the coupe floorpan? We are not looking for "pretty" as this car is only for 
rally and will never see the street (well at least I will never admit to it 

I think structual integrity will be compromised without a full floorpan, my 
friend disagrees. He feels that we can cut, bend, or weld around any 
obstacles. If we do cut out the floorpan approx. how long will it take and 
what is the best method?

If any of you need 4kq parts let me know. We will be keeping most of the 
"goodies" ie window regulators, door handles, engine components, electronics 
etc. There will be lots of other items we do not need like black interior 
pieces (who needs an interior on a rally car?), windows, doors, trim, that 
kind of stuff. Make an offer. Parts are in Cambridge Vermont. Small parts 
can be shipped. We are stripping the 4kq of what we need over the next week 
and sending the rest to the boneyard next weekend, so put in your requests 

Any tips, btdt, etc on this project would be greatly appreciated :-) TIA.

Tom B
1987 4kcsq
1986 cgt and '86 4kq, soon to be married :-)

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