New A4 w/ clearcoat damage

Craig D. Niederst niederst at
Thu Jul 19 18:27:17 EDT 2001

They do (called RapGard), but it has a date on it which it has to be removed
(I guess so it isn't real hard to remove and leaves adhesive on the paint
which would probably be a PITA to get off). I looked today, and his car was
built in 9/00, so I guess its been there awhile (but only has 175 miles on

'92 100S (93k)
'86 CGT (199k)

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> "Craig D. Niederst" <niederst at> wrote:
> >A co-worker of mine whose '98 A4 2.8Q is coming off lease just leased a
> >'01. Its black, so every paint defect is very obvious. When he bought the
> >car, it had spots on all the horizontal surfaces, which the dealer said
> >sap from sitting near trees
> Don't they cover cars in protective wax pre-deliv in the US? All cars here
> in Europe are covered in goo which is only washed off when the car gets
> PDI...
> Regards, Tom

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