project '86 cgt quattro turbo

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jul 19 18:46:52 EDT 2001

> I was looking through the local buyers digest and found an ad for 1 86 cgt
> and 1 86 4kq for $200 each.

> Also we are trying to decide whether it will be better to cut the floorpan
> out of the quattro and weld it into the coupe, or should we just "customize"
> the coupe floorpan? We are not looking for "pretty" as this car is only for
> rally and will never see the street (well at least I will never admit to it
> :-).

you're probably better off using the 4kq floor, since the rear subframe
and suspension will not be accomodated *at all* by the floor pan of the
fwd coupe.  also the q center tunnel is larger to accomodate that Mack
truck driveshaft.

> I think structual integrity will be compromised without a full floorpan, my
> friend disagrees. He feels that we can cut, bend, or weld around any
> obstacles. If we do cut out the floorpan approx. how long will it take and
> what is the best method?

Martin Pajak has actually bt and dt - there *may* be a link to his
website from mine...

Huw Powell

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