The S4 twin turbo is Slow

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Thu Jul 19 20:48:22 EDT 2001

I'd agree. I don't like the idea of a smoked AWD clutch (ask the drag
Mitsu Eclipse drivers about that!) so I don't like to lauch my Q's so
hard. In fact, both of my Audi's launched better around turns, as the
turn unloads the inside tires, giving some sort of wheelspin helping
prevent bogging. And, my FWD GTi easily out launches the 200Q, but that
shortly changes when both are hooked up. AWD is rather hard to launch, IF
you care about the vehicle...


On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 11:41:43 -0400 "Beatty, Robert" <BeattyR at>
>Javad is correct.... 4wd cars DONT do well at the dragstrip or you 
>would see
>the top fuel cars in 4wd... if you dont do it just perfectly they bog 
>or smoke the clutch... watching the top rally cars leave the line at 
>washington one can see this as well... the RWD cars with loads of HP 
>just as fast if not faster in most cases than the quattro cars....
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>all wheel drive cars are hard to launch???? WHAT. The whole point of 
>is no wheel spin????? That is the big advantage. It is like a cheat.  
>I am a
>Audi person to the fullest, but I was very dissapointed last night.  I 
>never had a problem launching my quattro.  I would take everyone out 
>in the 
>rain so your making excuses for quattro on dry pavement ?
>My friend has a WRX and he would have destroyed anyone of those S4s 
>for half
>the price.  All I know is they make a million "S" cars now and they 
>are not 
>representing in my opinion. I only respect the real "S" cars you know 
>ones that only came in stick and were actually rare and limited cars. 
>sold out on the the "S" cars. DId you notice that they made the badges 
>different for 2001. They are bigger now so that people can read them. 
>original badges were small and unable to be read unless you were right 
>them. That was for the sleeper factor.
>You can disagree all you want but come on there is a Speed and 
>out there. Audi better bring some RS cars over here to kick ass. Cause 
>250 HP is not cutting it. Toyota camarys and Honda accords have 200 HP 

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