Americans with disabilities - drag racing on the list

colin cohen colincohen at
Sat Jul 21 10:16:56 EDT 2001

To Euro - centric members of the Q-list:

I am one who sympathizes with the repeated request to take the issue of drag
racing off list.  However making this request may be illegal as it impairs
the rights of 'Mericans under the AWDA.

You see we have to recognize that it is an illness that while unique to the
'Merican culture, is something that our balanced-automotive-and-technical
centric ethic has to tolerate, like any other disability.  'Merican red neck
culture of drag racing, tasteless bear, iced everything, and statistical
wins, like many other characteristics, are the things that endears this
country to us and we should tolerate it, as part of the price of remaining
here, and the above mentioned legal limitation.

Eventually, we can only hope, that the Euro, selfless culture that built the
list will return and we can get back to mutual and self help discussion in
place of "mine/his is bigger than yours".  So while there is no cure for
this disease, lets be a little patient, abstain from provocation, and
eventually (we must hope) the number of discussions on this type of track
event will disappear.  Hopefully not to be replaced by that other
disability: analysis of AWD applicability to driving around banked ovals in
a traffic jam at high speed.

Thank you.

(off soap box mode, and Phil, you stop snorting)

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