4000S parts sale of sales

James Michael Dunn webmaster at clubhotwater.org
Sat Jul 21 14:12:47 EDT 2001

The interior is dark brown and can be seen at the link that I gave 
before. The floor mats are in okay condition and are free, just pay 
shipping. I "think" they are already gone but no money yet. I'm so 
serious about this parting-out that anyone who buys something get 
something free and my home phone number. The reflectors/turnsignals 
are all good except the lower left white one. The driver's door pouch 
is fine and is dark brown. Ciao, James "pulling parts as we type"

What color are the floor mats and condition?
The reflectors in the front bumper?
The drivers door pouch (color?)
L and R turn signal conditions?

Ciao, James Michael Dunn
webmaster at clubhotwater.org

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