1.8T motor into an Ur-Q?

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at email.msn.com
Sun Jul 22 11:32:26 EDT 2001

    The 1.8t will bolt up to any Audi trans you want really.  Lots of
engines and transmissions will bolt together in the Audi/VW circle.  The
TYP89 012 transmission is drilled for both the 4 cyl and 5 cyl blocks.  Lots
of transmissions will bolt right up, even the newer DSY RS4 6 speed will,
incidentally the newer 6 speed boxes have the same bolt patterns as old
boxes and the same cases.  The fellow in Germany with the 80 1.8t had an S2
bellhousing with a regular B4 rear end case because the car was a FWD.  So
that 5 cylinder case bolted right to the 1.8t.  Though he said the pilot
bearing had to be custom made by his shop to mate things up.  He used the
stock A4 1.8t flywheel and clutch.  With a K04 turbo, RS2 intercooler, and a
re-program of the ECU he hit over 230bhp at the wheels.  Almost forgot,
mounting it up might be a pain.  The 4 cylinder engines usually mount to the
subframe, the 5 cylinder engines go to the actual frame.  I've never heard
of anyone trying to use the 5 cylinder mounting wings, but it could be
possible.  Other than that working it means custom wings or a modified

Good Luck!

Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 80t (Gone, but never forgotten)

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