Jörgen Karlsson jorgen.m.karlsson at home.se
Sun Jul 22 18:38:28 EDT 2001


I have an Autronic SMC in my car, sequential injection is nice but it is not
a must.

Haltech will not do sequential injection on a five cylinder, but after
helping a friend with some haltech problems I can make a long list of
reasons not to use haltech.

The MIC3 can do a five cylinder but not with sequential operation, this is a
very low priced system. Unfortunally the price seem to vary with the weather
here in sweden. I have heard everything from $300 to $1000, I wouldn't pay
more then $400-450 for the MIC3.

I can recommend buying the Autronic from Joe Beninca, at www.beninca.com.au.
At the current au$ to us$ exchange rates the Autronic SMC has an unbeatable
value for money. You can probably only buy it from Australia as long as
there is no US importer, an us importer would probably make sure that noone
can rob him of his 250% markup. I have heard people buying an SMC for $2600
in the us, it's worth it but the SMC is $1200 here in sweden.

Feel free to ask about the design choices I made, there is some information
on my web page: http://quattro.xrs.net

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden.

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