No spark on the coil

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at
Sun Jul 22 18:33:14 EDT 2001

Hi lister.

200tqa '89 MC2  has intermittent starting problem which gradually
developed probability  of the failure from 0 %   to 100%  within last 2
weeks.  I checked  coil power stage and coil per Bentley and one test
does not look as ok:  voltage across pin 3 and 2 on power stage
connector is changing all the time when I crank engine. I saw 0.0,
1.3V. It is just what I caught. There were some other numbers.  Bentley
says  at least 0.2 V.  Should it be stable or fluctuating?  Wire between
ECU pin 22 and terminal 2 on power stage connector is ok (0 ohm).
Bentley says: amen, change ECU.  I would appreciate any recommendations
before I start to look for MAC-14?

Konstantin Bogach.

P.S. I did not check fuel pump relay but at output test fuel pump runs.
Therefore I assumed that relay is ok.

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