now it's a Jetta

Douglas Frank frank at
Mon Jul 23 15:18:31 EDT 2001

Thanks to everyone for your help!  This list is marvelous (but you knew that,
didn't you?).

We went over to look at the Jetta Saturday and spotted a Subaru dealer up the
road, so drove over to take a not-serious look at the WRX.  While there,
stumbled over a cherry '99 Integra with 5-speed at $13.6K.  Double-take! 
Drove it, asked them to put it up on a lift, everything's tight & straight;
noted VIN, blew $15 on Carfax report, clean title, not a salvage.  Shoot, buy
it!  So he did.

So that's that.  Thanks again for your help.  BTW somewhere up around the
Sunapee region of NH, there's a lowered, plus-one'd, short-shifted GTi for $4K
still available.
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