numbers in Betley diagrams

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Sorry about the last message I sent to the list...wrong button :-)

I always thought they were just figure numbers!!  Just in a strange
numerical order :-)
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Subject: numbers in Betley diagrams

> In the 100,200 Bentley, in each diagram there is a little box in the lower
> right corner with a number xx-xxx. For example in section 35-140-1
> Synchronizer, assembling they have the numbers 35-975 in the diagram for
> checking the sync rings. It looks like the first two numbers refer to the
> repair group (although the 087 forward clutch disassembling/assembling is
> in repair group 38, but the number in the diagram there is 36-681). I was
> wondering if these numbers are meaningful and if so what their meaning is.
> Thanks.
> Trevor

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