Fuel tank pressure

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Blocked vent pipe? FWIR it runs forward under the car - ideal for picking up
enough cr*p to block it. Wouldn't expect +ve pressure though - is the bus
standing in direct sunlight all the time or perhaps an exhaust leak warming
the tank?
Don't laugh - I've seen it happen to Fords.

Jim Haseltine

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> People have commented on this before ...
> I had the head replaced on the MC-2 in Germany - after it was done, we had
to richen the mixture by two full turns to get it to run.  I think there's a
leak somewhere - it doesn't half whistle at full chat.
> But the real novelty - SERIOUS fuel tank presurisation.  Not just the
little gust - significant escape when the filler is unscrewed, and enough
pressure when it clears the threads to knock it out of my hand!
> Any ideas?  I'm on 'nomail' this week, so copies would be appreciated -
but I'll look in the archives in  couple of days anyway.
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