5ktq radiator repair?

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Tue Jul 24 23:17:39 EDT 2001

> And replace the
> coolant expansion tank and cap, may as well do the whole shebang according
> to Huw's Law of Ancillary Part Failure (related parts on same system will
> fail if you don't get 'em at the same time as initial failed item).  Huw,
> did I get that right?

hehe, I guess so.  In general, the law you stated would be the "while
you're in there" law - as applied to cooling systems it is more
important, since repairing the leaky item will raise system pressure
again and kablooey! (technical term) the next weakest one starts to
leak.  You can spend a year on and off breathing and cleaning up
"surplus" coolant or do it all at once.

Huw Powell



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