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What do you do when you are assembling everything from scratch, as in my
current case.

Assuming I have set the crank at TDC on #1 and Cam with lobes positioned to
close #1 Valves as you describe,  what do I use to guage putting the
distributor in properly?

I am just getting to torquing the head down, and will be installing cam,
timing belt, H2O pump, and distributor.  

Just trying to make sure I get it right first time with no trial and error.


[Here is what I recommend, line up the crank with the flywheel, the mark on
the crank pulley is not reliable.  

The cam should be lined up with both #1 cam lobes facing up, and the dot on
the back of the cam gear lined up with the top of the valve cover.  The
distrubutor should be lined up by centering the rotor contact on the mark on
the dist., spinning the distrubutor to get it started is a poor way to line
up the dist, when lining it up properly is so easy.  The dist. should be
lined up after the cam and crank are set.


In a message dated Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:18:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "Iain
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> don't use the front marks use the rear ones on the flywheel/bell housing,
> then (i presume it's a 5 cyl)there is a mark on the cam wheel that should
> in with the top of the cam cover gasket. Best thing to is mark these marks
> with a dot of whote paint so they are easier to see. There is also mark on
> the dizzy if you ake the cap off that denotes no 1 cylinder @ tdc (i
> have you moved the dizzy at all or changed a cambelt or something. Common
> mistake is that it throws out the ign timing, best way i have found is to
> get someone to turn the car over whilst you rotate the dizzy to get it to
> fire.
> Iain]

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