cis-e dist. rebuildable???

Bob mx at
Thu Jul 26 13:13:33 EDT 2001

Ive rebuilt mine when I got to the point where I had nothing to lose. (hey youre going to toss it anyway, right?) They are remarkably simple inside, dont let it scare you.  The two things that go wrong with it is the large diaphragm inside and the O rings. If they are shot, there isnt much you can do. The O rings can be replaced though...   Just a bunch of springs etc.  I also did the rebuild on my scirocco with great success...   I say go for it, if you screw it up, youve lost nothing.

THayes302 at wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I would like to hear any suggestions or experiences concerning rebuilt fuel distributors.  My Bentley suggests that these things should not be tampered with other than replacing the stop screw o-ring.  I know that I have a fuel distribution problem on my 4kq because spray pattern is bad and injector volume is unequal.  I have been trying to call the Parts Connection to get more info on their fuel dist. kit to see if rebuuilding my own dist. is possible.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  On a side note I did check fuel psi, control psi, and volume and everything is within specs.  I would like to thank the fellow lister who turned me on to BMP for the fuel tester kit, and Huw for info on jumpering fuel pump.
> Thanks,
> Todd

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