common location for cracks/leaks in 4kq EM?

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Jul 27 00:27:49 EDT 2001

> I have noticed that my car (87 4kq) is not as quiet as it should be with
> a new exhaust system. There is a noise that sounds like some sort of
> exhaust leak that is noticeable for the first few minutes the car is
> running and then more or less goes away as it warms up. Where do these
> things usually crack or leak? 

well... aside from the obvious poorly sealed joints, and loose/broken EM
studs, there is a place they all crack at near the back - but even so, I
do not hear noise from that crack.  Then, there is the CO test takeoff
port, at the lower end of the downpipe.  These all tend to rust off and
leave a nice 1/4" or so hole for noise & fumes to escape.  Might as well
look there.  Most of the old downpipes have been welded up one way or
another by now to fill that hole.

Huw Powell

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