Project GTQ - While I'm at it.

David Head v8q at
Fri Jul 27 18:06:55 EDT 2001

Remember to factor in a laser sight and scales for corner weighting the car each
time you want to raise and lower it. Otherwise your handling will be 'wild'...

"Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN)" wrote:

> Thanks Carter,
> What I really want, I guess I can't afford.
> In the ideal world, I'd get the complete adjustable coilovers all around.
> Looks like were talking $1k+ as you indicate, but I'd like to know where I
> can get some price quotes.  I was poking around and was not finding any
> coilover setups specifically for the 4000Q - or will a set from an A4 work
> just fine?
> What will probably be more in my price range of around $500 is perhaps some
> H&R, or comparable like:
> Audi Chassis/Drivetrain         Year            Front lowering*  Rear
> Lowering* $US/kit
> 4000 Quattro Typ 85             1984-87 1.5                     1.5
> $263.
> Plus a set of Bilsteins or??
> Somewone has surely found a great setup (perhaps the great compromise) of
> bang for buck.
> I do however like the idea of adjustability, 'cause in the real world, I
> would like to be able to raise over stock height for the Heavy duty and
> winter stuff I'll abuse this car for, and then lower to below stock for the
> summer perfect road and track cruising.
> Real world however also includes a budget that would make most car
> aficianados sob.
> I appreciate any and all help, as I should procure the suspension mods
> probably when I do the engine swap, particularly since it looks like the
> steering rack should be replaced at that time.

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