5K trashing! RE: ...and thus commences my first post.

Avi Meron avim at pacbell.net
Sun Jul 29 12:00:48 EDT 2001

This message (of yours) is the same as going to a church and trashing their
"most treasured icon"................not an action to be received
favorably...........(correct, or not is not a relevant point!).

Even though I don't have any dispute with the basic comment...........

My extremely humble (I bow as I say this is): is to send it private Email
not to the list!

You all take care now, you too Chris!


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Shan T King writes (in part):

OK, I need some help. I'm looking at buying an '86 5000 CS Turbo

Run away.  $2600 is too much money.  But that's nothing compared to what it
will need every month.  Usually you spend $500 on these cars and they
quickly require $2100 worth of work.  The price is too much, but it's the
upkeep that'll kill ya.

The engines are bulletproof.  It'll easily go 300k with no problem.  The
body is galvanized, so it won't rust.  The styling is still good.  It is a
luxury car, and it is German.

But everything else on the car will break constantly.  It is 15 years old.
What do you want out of a car?  Do you mind scrounging for parts; keeping up
with this list; and, wrenching on the car most weekends?  Owning these
things is more a hobby and lifestyle choice.  These cars do not have the
reliability of Japanese or American cars.  Parts from the dealers are
expensive.  You can afford them only if you do most of the work yourself;
follow this list; and, cultivate a source of used parts.  Only you can
decide.  Do you feel like doing that?  Or, do you, at this point in your
life, want to own a more reliable but more appliance like car?

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