Spring perch weld (rear) 2b coilover

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Mon Jul 30 12:51:50 EDT 2001

Nathan, you want to position the rear spring perch so that the threaded coil just barely wedges between the welded ring and the bottom of the strut cap.  the best way to do this is to slide on the weld ring, then the collar, then slide the strut insert in and tighten the strut cap.  Now slide everything up tight and spot weld the weld ring in place, remove everything (the heat from welding will hurt the threaded collar) and finish welding the ring. 

Don't forget, those threaded collars are an interference fit, so be sure to use lots of heat and find a good way to press those collars down around the strut tube.
HTH, let me know if you run into any more problems,

In a message dated Mon, 30 Jul 2001 11:34:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, nde264 at lulu.it.northwestern.edu writes:

> As promised, as I work on my 89 90q putting coilovers on, I have a question. 
> We ground off all the spring perches and weld beads, but I am wondering where 
> to weld on the steel ring on the rear strut housing?  Was I supposed to leave 
> the old bead and weld the ring just above it? 
> Doing this job has been deceptively easy so far, car is all apart, should be 
> back together tonight. 
> Nathan Engelbert 
> 89 90q 

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