Type-44: 100/200 interior lighting?

Eyvind Spangen eyvind.spangen at c2i.net
Mon Jul 30 22:32:51 EDT 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001 12:04:41 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>Anyway...I noticed the S4's dash vents were also lit with the traditional
>Audi 'red' dash lighting. The vent's on my 200q look like they were
>similar...symbols appear transulent white, but my car's vents are not lit.
>Since I haven't seen another 100/200 at night, I couldn't confirm this
>'feature'. Are there bulbs for each vent, and mine happen to be burnt out?

I believe the 100/200 vents are not lit, but the V8 vents are. I've
never removed a vent, so I don't know if it's just to install a bulb
and run a wire.. The V8 and 200 part number is different, but it's
interesting to notice that the 200 part is more expensive..


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