'86 CGT failing emissions..ideas? tips to get it to pass?wheres the EGR ...

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> The only thing it is failing as I mentioned is Nox.  The Nox is high.  I 
> suspect the EGR at this time. All other items check out.
> The standard in GA is 1100 ppm, the car is putting out a little over 2100 
> ppm.  CO and HC are WAY below the max.
> Lambda is set at 45%, O2 Sensor is working normally, Cold and Hot Fuel 
> Pressures are in spec, Cat is ok, Timing reset to 6 degrees BTDC as per 
> specs.  The timing change alone brought the Nox down from 2700 to 2100.
> Atlanta Emmissions run a car at 25 MPH above 2500 RPM for three minutes on 
> a treadmill.  It is not a standing emmissions test as in most states.
> >

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