Radar detectors allowed in Germany? Now NAC...

Aleksander Mierzwa alexaudi at kki.net.pl
Fri Jun 1 17:00:27 EDT 2001

At 14:03 01-06-01 +0200, Ero Rademer wrote:

>Remember: Germany requires you to be identified as the offending
>*driver* to fine you (and not simply the owner of the car). Only
>the number plate is not enough evidence (so photos from the rear
>of your car only are useless).

I recall seeing a German TV programme (I believe it was Pro7) about
phototraps. They showed a photo of twins driving an Audi 100 (I mean one
was the driver and another was the passenger of course ;-). In court they
both claimed it was the other one who was the driver. Case was dismissed :-)
Another funny photo was Mercedes driven by the Santa Claus :-)

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
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