'84 4kq crank pulley OK on an '87?

Russ Maki rinard at execpc.com
Fri Jun 1 13:26:19 EDT 2001

Hi folks,

I'm in the midst of a component-replacing frenzy on the ol' money pit, my 87
4000 quattro. Fresh '88 5k cylinder head, cam (thanks Ken K), radiator,
heater core, etc, etc.

One thing that has always bothered me in the 40,000 miles I've owned the car
is a slight, intermittent wobble in the crank pulley. Well, the bonded
rubber in the pulley has clearly deteriorated, so I've pulled the pulley
(ha!) off an '84 4Kq parts car and installed it on my '87 driver.

My question, finally: Should this work OK? It seemed to fit fine, and the
only difference betwen the two seems to be a slightly smaller diameter for
the alternator belt.

Any advice, warnings or dire predictions are welcome.

Russ Maki
Ixonia, Wis.

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