radar detectors

colin cohen colincohen at email.msn.com
Fri Jun 1 15:06:57 EDT 2001

The problem with the V1 is that it has to sit prominently on the windscreen
requiring removal for traffic stops and supermarkets.  I have seen hard
wired installations that install close to the rear view mirror which with a
little disguise using the sun visor and some material make it all but
invisible.  This assumes that the remote head is also hard wired and
installed somewhere else.  This is nearly as much work and involves the
potential of messing the head lining which once disturbed on a new car is
very difficult to make like new.

I have used the K40 on all my cars and move it from vehicle to vehicle when
I sell them.  Installation takes me a morning or a pro shop a couple of
hours. I also can update the control head every couple of years to add
frequency or modulation changes with the newer technologies.  It includes
laser detection as well.

But I have to admit that a well installed V1 is a simpler proposition its
just that messing with the head lining is not my idea of fun


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