screwus motors in burlington vt update

Chris Covington malth at
Sat Jun 2 14:52:33 EDT 2001

An update on my friend whose brand new ordered-from-Audi 2001 180TTq's
fender was fixed with bondo, then repainted AND had a headlight cover
housing replaced as he also discovered.  It was sold to him as new (along
with it recently needing a nose repaint)...
Screwus actually admitted fixing the TTq now, after previously denying
all knowledge until their independent bodyshop fessed up.

So what they offered was the following:  $1000 in cash or $35000 for a
new 225 TTq.  He was considering the new 225q, test drove it, etc.  The
blue book on a 2000 180TTq with 7500 miles is 29,380.  His is a 2001 and
has 5000 miles.  They offered $28000 on the trade!  Their reasoning for
the price discrepancy:
his is blue so isn't worth as much.

I'm sure he's going to take the $1 grand and run, if they honor their

Oh, and apparantly the VT law is that it has to over $988 in damage, and
bumpers don't count.  His damage was ~$1600, but that includes his front
bumper repair.  So somehow it's all legal.

'91 200q20v

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