This was a new one......

Jim Haseltine Jim at
Sat Jun 2 22:48:52 EDT 2001

My Ur quattro is now running sweetly once again.
Couple of nights ago it became obvious that the fuel pump was running
whenever the ignition was switched on - certainly not correct, but the
engine was still flooding and not firing. This morning I pulled all the
injectors (including the cold start) and discovered that the cold start
injector was spraying non-stop - so that was where all the fuel was coming
from. Phil Payne was heading towards my place so I thought that I'd better
strip out the trim so that we could get to the ECU. And there was the
problem - the ECU plug wasn't seated properly - pushed it home and things
started to behave as they should. Thinking back to Tuesday, when the problem
started the engine cut out twice, each time just after I'd hit a speed
I changed the oil & filter and cranked the engine over - fired first time,
then cracked and banged for a few seconds, chucked out a load of smoke then
settled down to a smooth idle.
I'm going to use this forum to express my thanks to Phil, he took time out
from a very busy weekend to make a 120 mile round trip to see if he could
get to the bottom of this problem - there aren't many people in this world
who would be willing to do the same.


Jim Haseltine

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