Need a 5ktq downpipe

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at
Sun Jun 3 10:32:15 EDT 2001

If you can afford to have the car off the road for a couple days... take the
pipe off your car and take it to a welding shop that can weld stainless
steel.  I had that done to my cracked downpipe and havent had any problems
since in over a year of driving like a wild man!


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Subject: Need a 5ktq downpipe

Hello guys,

 I am wondering if anyone might have a downpipe
from 5ktq or 5kt with manual transmission you want to sell.
The one on my car cracked near the turbo outlet. I need to
find a replacement and don't want to know how much a new
one from dealer cost :(.
There is an  automatic 5kt sitting in the local junkyard near me,
but the downpipe from automatic has a bit different shape. Is
it worth the effort buying it and trying to fit it into my car?



'87 5ktq 1.8 bar

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