Solution for noisy lifters in 5 banger

urquattro urquattro at
Sun Jun 3 09:23:26 EDT 2001

I do wish you all the luck in the world Michael ...

... on my '88 5kCSQA the lifters were getting a bit noisy from time to time
so a ran a can of Berryman's ChemTool through the oil just before changing
it ... and was amazed at the results ... I had never heard the engine so
quiet.  Then it seemed that you could tell when it was time to change the
oil because the lifters got progressively louder toward the 3000 mile mark
... and fresh oil did less and less good ...

A hundred bucks may sound like a lot of money, but given that a set of
lifters can last 100K-120K miles or so IME the overall expense is pretty
low.  Perhaps you lucked out and got some new lifters and won't have the
same experience I did ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> Today my dad and I were playing with the turbo, wiring up a knock light
and installing the air fuel ratio guage. When I started it up he said "Wow
it's quiet what did you do to it?" I said "Nothing. Yeah I know it's quiet
but I have no idea why." Then he realized what it was: When I got the turbo
cam, I got the lifters too for 35¢ each from the junkyard. When I got home
with the cam and lifters, I put the lifters in Amsoil synthetic ATF and they
soaked for a month or two before I got around to installing the cam. So now
the nasty ticking is gone and not missed one bit.
> Cost: 10 used lifters @ 35¢ each.........$3.50
> Some ATF I had lying around.........$0.00
>                     Total................$3.50
> New lifters from Blau- 10 @ $12.00 each = $120.
> Total savings: 120-3.50= $116.50 saved. That is enough to pay for my turbo
and exhaust manifold :)
> I just thought I would share my findings because I am very pleased with
how quiet it is now.

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