Antenna for an '88 5KSQ

Christopher Ritchie critchie1 at
Mon Jun 4 00:25:10 EDT 2001

Went to replace my inoperative power antenna today.  The antenna cable is 
different from the generic afterarket one I was going to use.  The other end 
that goes into the radio has the usual bayonet type plug.  But the end at 
the antenna is a small screw in jobby.  Is there something special about 
Audi antennas?

I don't want to replace the cable that goes to the radio.  Too much trouble 
to snake a new one in.  Why isn't anything simple on these cars?

The antenna in there now seems to be the original one.  It is part number 
811 035 509.  It also says "Fuba" and "FTZ-Nr W372" and "Audi 80" on it.
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