My apologies

Roa, Greg groa at
Mon Jun 4 09:52:31 EDT 2001

Hello All,
I just wanted to send out my apologies to most of the Midwest, and anywhere
else that I may have caused problems.  It's all my fault that it has been
rainy and lousy for the past two weeks.  Saturday night, two weeks ago, my
girlfriend tried to put the window up on my 4kq, and it got stuck.  Of
course, the very next day it started raining, LOTS, even though it hadn't
rained in Cincinnati in at least 3 weeks.  I thought that there was only a
problem with the cable out of the track, but the window regulator snapped a
cable, and ate the remainder.  I used the snapped cable to try and hold the
window up, but it was still about 1/2" down.

Well, I finally fixed it on Sunday afternoon.  Would have done it on
Saturday, but I had to put a whole new front end on my brother's escort (the
passenger's side wheel would move almost two inches out when you would push
on the gas.  But he never noticed, until I took a ride in the car).  I took
a used regulator out of a parts car, but it was broken.  I combined the good
parts of the two, and got a working regulator now.  I am going to try and
get some pictures of what I can, and post them somewhere if anyone wants
pictures.  Not too difficult, but not anything I want to do again.

Anyhow, the rain should taper off and go away shortly.  My apologies.  I
don't think it will rain again until the next time I decide to go

Greg Roa
Engineer- Zimmer Station
Phone: (513) 467-4151
Pager: (513) 639-8783
Email: groa at

P.S., Anywhere in the country, or overseas, I am available for hire if you
are having a drought.  You pay for my trip, and a small fee, and I will set
up the tent in your yard, or wherever.  Guaranteed instant rain.

P.S.S,  I ought to start using this for blackmail purposes.  I'll keep my
car with the broken window regulator, and my tent away from your outdoor
event for a fee......   ; )

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