5000 meaning of CS

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Tue Jun 5 10:26:06 EDT 2001

"Q" <Q at IntendedAcceleration.com> wrote:

>According to Audi AG those letters are just marketing hype.
>In the USA there is CS
>In Canada  there is CD
>In the rest of the world there are 100 turbo cars and 200 turbo cars.
>There was even an 80 turbo in about 1984!

Hmmm... never seen that one (barring homebrew cars), would like to see it. 
In Europe, there were many trim levels besides the CS/CD, we also got CC 
for the 100 and the 80 had C, CL, CD, SC, GT and GL trim levels in the 
'80s. The 100 turbo is relatively rare, most people went the whole way and 
opted for the 200 with full equipment and the powerful engine.
With the introduction of the B3 80/90, the trim level designations were 
dropped. C3s also became just Audi 100s (or 200s, but those never had the 
trim level designations anyway). I've never seen a B2 90 with a trim level 
badge either, I assume that was just for the 80 and 100.


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